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Mid Range Drones

DJI Phantom Professional 2

DJI Phantom 2

This quadcopter is a great all-inclusive ready to fly package that has impressive technical specifications. To find out more about one of the most impressive quadricopters on the market CLICK HERE

DJI Phantom Professional

DJI Phantom 3

This DJI Drone, the DJI Phantom 3 Professional is definitely for the professional drone user and is often used by companies and corporates for their quadrocopter needs. For more information CLICK HERE

Parrot Bebop Drone

Parrot Bebop

The Parrot BeBop Drone is an idyllic product engineered to ease the process of taking aerial images and videos. For details of the Bebop drones many more features and benefits CLICK HERE.

Parrot AR Drone

Parrot AR Drone

The Parrot AR Drone is one of the original quadricopters on the market and is often regarded as one of the best available. For more information on this quadricopters features, CLICK HERE


Lil' Draganflyer Plus

The Lil Draganflyer Plus is a great entry level quadricopter and comes with some great accessories like a missle launcher. For more details about this micro drone CLICK HERE


Lil' Draganflyer Mini

The Lil Draganfly is an entry level quadrocopter and will allow you to experience what is like to own a quadricopter. For more information about this Micro Drone CLICK HERE

KK Multicopter

KK Multicopter

The KK Multicopter is ideal for those quadricopter owners looking for a more hands on approach. For more information on the features of this drone and setting this Quadricotper up CLICK HERE

Blade Nano QX BNF Quadcopter

Blade Nano QX RTF

The Blade Nano QX RTF Quadcopter has features you may expect in a classy more expensive quadrocopter. Its small size makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor flying. For more information CLICK HERE

Blade MQX Quadcopter

Blade MQX

The Blade MQX was one of the first micro drones on the market and was ahead of its time when released. For more information about this great micro drone features CLICK HERE

Draganflyer x4


Coming Soon

Draganflyer x6

Coming Soon

DJI Inspire

If you have a passion for aerial photography, you will discover that this product can greatly improve the quality of your aerial photos captured. To find out more about this impressive drone CLICK HERE

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